Festis Entreprenad AB


Festis Entreprenad AB
Works with the renovation of natural surfaces, such as marble, limestone-sandstone-granite and tarrazzo floors and stairwells. We clean the laws and grind so that the surfaces regain their original beautiful appearance

All floors, even stone floors are torn and need to be treated.

With us at Festis Entreprenad AB you will find a large selection of granite, marble, limestone and slate for floors, walls, kitchen counters and window sills and more. Stone is a natural product that can be treated in a variety of ways to suit you and your wishes. In addition, we know from experience that natural stones last for a long time

Some of our services are:
• Stone installation of floors and walls indoors
• Stone installation of facades
• Custom-made window sills and countertops
• Installation of window sills and countertops
• Repair / special work on damaged floor / kitchen benches or window sill I Natural Stone.